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a) “All Tools Info” or “we” means the company that runs this website. 

b) “User” or “you” means anyone who visits or uses our website. 

c) “Services” refer to the information, tools, software, and apps we share on our website. 

d) “Products” refer to what we sell on our website. 

e) “Affiliates” that we promote our partners’ products and services.

Acceptance of Terms

By using “All Tools Info,” you agree to follow these Terms and Conditions. We might change these rules, so please check regularly to stay updated.


How to Use the Website

a) Everything on “All Tools Info” is for information only. We try our best to be accurate, but mistakes can happen. 

b) Don’t use our website for anything illegal or harmful. If you do, we might stop your access and take action. 

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Our Ownership

a) Everything on our website, like logos and graphics, belongs to “All Tools Info” or our partners. Please don’t copy or use them without asking. b) If you share something with us, like comments or reviews, we might use it on our website. But don’t worry; you still own it.


a) We sometimes work with partners to help them promote their products. And we might get a commission if you buy something through our links.

 b) Just because they link to us doesn’t mean we endorse what they say or do.

Our Liability

a) We try our best, but “All Tools Info” can’t be responsible for any damages from using our website, services, or products. 

b) In places where we can’t limit our liability, we will only be responsible for as much as the law allows.

Your Responsibility

If something goes wrong and we get in trouble because of what you did, you agree to help and protect us from any claims or costs.

Ending the Agreement

If you break these rules, we can stop your access to the website and services without telling you in advance.

What’s Left

The rest will still apply if some parts of these Terms and Conditions can’t be used.

By using “All Tools Info,” you agree to follow these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree, please don’t use our website. Thanks for choosing “All Tools Info.” We hope you find our content helpful and enjoyable.